Sea of Doubt

Some high praise (so to speak) from notable writers.

Foreword Reviews

A web of conflict, both internal and external, is addressed in this intelligent and imaginative narrative.

Foreword Clarion Review, praise for Sea of Doubt.


The story follows an oddly believable path; if a company were trying to sell the world on a Messiah, this might very well be how they would do it.

Kirkus Reviews, praise for Sea of Doubt.

A.J. Tata

Jeremy Holden just may be the new Carl Hiaasen. His Sea of Doubt is witty, poignant, and hypnotic. Holden's reluctant protagonist, Mal Thomas, the reformed marketing exec, takes us on a thrill ride that combines a long-predicted Biblical event with today's digital media age. What could go wrong? Holden keeps the pages turning through the exciting, satisfying conclusion!

A.J. Tata, national best-selling author of Three Minutes to Midnight

Dr. Bob Deutsch

Jeremy Holden is one of the few people with both feet in the worlds of business, politics and societal life. He has penned a story that provides a necessary look at the seamless meeting points between the commercial and the individual. Sea of Doubt reveals the mechanics of the greed and grandiosity that, in an inadvertent co-conspiracy, the players, the media, and those who merely watch, together produce our current existence. As a result, Sea of Doubt gives its readers a firmer footing from which to navigate their lives. It’s an entertaining but important read.

Dr. Bob Deutsch, author of The 5 Essentials

Robin Koval

Sea of Doubt is a page-turner with an irresistible premise, clever plot twists, colorful characters, and a behind-the-scenes expose of how today’s modern 'Mad Men and Women' might remake the greatest story ever told into the greatest story ever sold.

Robin Koval, New York Times best-selling co-author of The Power of Nice

Calling all armchair casting directors. It's your turn.

If you’ve been reading Sea of Doubt, you’ve likely already started casting the movie in your head. See how your character selections match up to other would-be casting directors. Simply type in the name of the person you see for each role, then select the CALLBACK button to see your cast together.

Mal Mal Mal Mal


British-born protagonist and U.S. transplant; the central character in Sea of Doubt

Top Choices So Far
Ralph Fiennes Colin Firth Jude Law
Mara Mara Mara Mara


North Carolinian architect and business leader; Mal’s wife and confidante

Top Choices So Far
Diane Lane Helen Hunt Ashley Judd
Del Del Del Del


Foul-mouthed Aussie and inspirational creative director; Mal’s longtime friend and creative partner

Top Choices So Far
Toni Colette Holly Hunter Kym Wilson


Connecticut aristocrat and agency leader; Mal’s business partner and inescapable agent

Top Choices So Far
Oliver Platt Alfred Molina Richard Kind
Baptiste Baptiste Baptiste Baptiste


Reclusive Cuban-born billionaire and founder of BAPTIST; the source of Mal’s challenges and adventure

Top Choices So Far
F. Murray Abraham Andy Garcia Giancarlo Giannini
Lula Lula Lula Lula


Baptiste’s long-serving manservant and henchman

Top Choices So Far
Michael Shannon Hugo Weaving Willem Dafoe
Tish Tish Tish Tish


Bostonian account manager at CREATIF, who develops a special relationship with Sebastian

Top Choices So Far
Zoe Saldana Paula Patton Rihanna
Vilas Vilas Vilas Vilas


Baptiste’s protégé, business leader, and former University of Miami star pitcher

Top Choices So Far
Tony Robbins Mads Mikkelsen Jim Carrey
Massimo Massimo Massimo Massimo


Italian-born planner at CREATIVE, and Mal’s protégé

Top Choices So Far
Adam Driver Michiel Huisman Adrian Grenier
Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian Sebastian


Baptiste’s adopted son, and the alleged Messiah

Top Choices So Far
Willy Cartier Erika Linder Jana Knauerova